Our Story

At Cheeky, we are traditional! Poke has always been enjoyed at social gatherings and our bar is no different. Our cheeky love for Hawaiian and Japanese fusion inspired us to add our own Australian twist. By using locally sourced and sustainable produce, we have the freshest bowls in town. Our cheeky menu provides clean and healthy meals that burst with colour and flavour, and better yet there are cheeky options that cater to all needs. And if seafood ain’t your thing, don’t worry, we work with other proteins too.
Poke bowls have been a part of Hawaiian and Japanese culture for centuries and we aim to make them a part of the cheeky Aussie lifestyle too. Enjoy our healthy bowls on-the-go or sit down, relax and enjoy at Cheeky HQ. 

It’s poke to be a lil’ bit cheeky.

Our Background

We were born into the fresh food industry; living and breathing all things food. Over ten years ago we created Fresh 'N' Wild Fish, a place where you can find some of Australia’s best and freshest seafood. Here at Cheeky, we source the most sustainable and fresh fish from our older sibling, Fresh N Wild Fish. Our close relationships with the fisherman enables us to provide the highest quality local seafood to our patrons, which will no doubt have you coming back for cheeky seconds…and thirds!